PlayHard GiveBack Trail Mix

Trail mix is one of my weaknesses. I could eat it all day long! I love the combination of flavors, the sweet and savory fusions, the crunchiness, and how healthy it is (in moderation).

I recently discovered this trail mix from PlayHard GiveBack. They have several different flavor combinations that are all delicious! The green Karmakandy Power Mix has banana chips, mini peanut butter cups, and protein bites in them. The yellow Rise and Shine flavor has dried mango and chocolate covered espresso beans in it, which was seriously delicious, but I was hoping for more espresso beans in my packages. Ha! Those things are so good! Finally, the blue Fuel and Flow Power Mix was filled with ginger, antioxidant bites, and dried apples. Honestly, I don’t know if I could pick a favorite; I truly loved all of them, but the Karmakandy would probably be my first choice if I had to choose. Those peanut butter cups were so good!

These are the 3 flavors I tried:

See how much we loved them! I couldn’t get a photograph of them all unopened.

Not only was the trail mix delicious, but the company PlayHard GiveBack also works hard to give back to the community as well. (Hence the name!) Five percent of all of their profits from the sale of their trail mixes and energy bars goes to support the program Hope Sports, where professional athletes build homes for those in need! It reminds me of when I went to Texas on a Habitat for Humanity trip. (Let’s just say the hammer and I didn’t get along so well.)

I love when companies support their community and people in need. It reminds me there are good things happening in our world! I featured a few other companies who are doing similar things in this post.

These bags are the perfect size for packing in a lunch, taking out on a hike, or in the car on a road trip. Just be careful: there are 3 servings in each bag, and it’s easy to turn it into one!

Cullen and I went for a walk at Potter’s Marsh and took some of the trail mix with us. It was a picture-perfect summer day here in Alaska. Cullen liked Fuel and Flow Power Mix flavor with the ginger in it. Is it weird for a kid to like ginger? He actually loves candied ginger.

All of these flavors in the 2.5 oz size are on sale for $3.50 right now. AND you can also get 15% off any order with this coupon code: RunnersPlate15

I’d stock up now for all of your summer adventures! I got 9 packages, and they were gone within a very short time period. . . .probably 9 days. Ha! They also have energy bars, so check them all out here!


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